How it all started

In 1985 John Dakowicz opened his business JJD Auto. Before that he had lived in Poland and ran a small auto repair facility. JJD Auto quickly became a well know repair center in the South Boston area. With many contracts servicing the public authorities, local police, universities, and hospitals in the area as well as many companies with fleets, and many customers who still remain with John till today.  In 2004, Boston Roverland was formed. Because of Johns love for the Land Rovers, he had developed many customers who owned these vehicles, and lets face it, John is kind of a nut when it comes to Land Rovers! Boston Roverland was sold in early 2007, and still is operating under a new management.

Hillside Garage is nestled deep in the woods of Sullivan County, near the hills and streams John loves to explore. This location has opened many more doors for John. His love of the outdoors and off road driving lead him to where he now resides in Washington, NH. In the spring of 2007, John opened his new facility, Hillside Garage. He has been servicing local residents as well as his clients from all over New England, with restoration work as well as general repairs. You can find John days in his shop available at 603 495-0879 and 603 495-1357.

Our Past

JJD Auto Towing

JJD Auto REPAIR, BODY SHOP AND 24 HOUR TOWING 1989-2003 We had a fleet of 11 tow trucks as well as a full service auto body and repair shop. 24 hours, 7 days a week for 14 years. We thought that was long enough!

JJD Auto Repair Shop

By the end of the year 2003, John found his yard was full of Rovers needing repair, but a name change was needed to let the world know who we were. Our shop was full... 


Boston Roverland 2004-2007 This full service repair and auto restoration shop was a very busy shop! Daily repairs on both vintage Series Land Rovers as well as servicing new warrantee vehicles. Johns clients were happy to find him, saving thousands in repair costs, John offered computer diagnostic capabilities previously available only through the dealers.

Who tows a boat with a D-90? 

Jim, our long time friend, who has multiple projects with us! 

Mark, who is still our customer and Friend!